Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pinterest Problems 1.0

I think it's safe to say that 80% 99.999% of the ladies I know are obsessed with Pinterest.  And as I am thinking about what I'd like to write about on this blog and narrow it down to a few consistent topics, you just know that Pinterest is going to be one of them!

So today I bring you... A "Pinterest Problem" I have been annoyed with lately.  I figure I'll write about Pinterest things that I have tried and completely failed.... aka "Pinterest Problems" and give you some positive things as well.... I mean, we can't be complaining all the time, right?  So what will that be... Positive Pinning?  Perfect Pinning?  Pinterest Pleasures?  Pretty Pretty Princess Pins?  Eh, I guess the name is TBD on that for now.

One of my biggest pet peeves with Pinterest is when a pin takes you nowhere.  Whether it's a recipe or a cute shirt or whatever, and the "link" just leads you to the image and not the actual source.  I'm mainly a repinner and rarely pin my own original things, so I'm not quite sure how this happens.  BUT.  It's quite frustrating.  It also makes me sad for whoever the original source was, that they aren't getting credit for their items/idea/fabulous outfit that they spent hours creating on polyvore.

#FirstWorldProblems, I know.... (yes, I just hashtagged in my blog).

So all of that ranting leads me to this here pin....  I swear, I tried really hard to imbed the pin, but apparently that's changed since the last time I did it.  I will have to figure that out for future reference.

Well, here's an image of the pin:

Adorable, yes?  You can always tell when one of your pins ends up going Pinterest viral because within two minutes you get an e-mail saying that 32 people have repinned it.  This pin has been, by far, my most repinned pin!  It got 109 repins and 11 likes within a matter of an hour or so.  For some people that's all in a days pinning, but it made little ole me feel pretty pinterest popular!!!!  Shameless plug:  Pinterest Follow Me using this link because I can't figure out how to add the follow me button either??

And here is the REAL pinterest problem.  The link doesn't lead to sources for all those amazingly cute items that obviously 120 people liked enough to repin.  It just leads back to an image.  I will tell ya'll I have (seriously) invested a good two hours over the past two weeks since I pinned this trying to find similar items.  I may or may not have even tried to link the pin back to the original pinner... well that was pretty much a joke too. I even did a google image search of the thing.  Nothing.  Worked.

So tomorrow I will bring you another blog post and share the links of some similar items I did find.  I will also do an update this weekend on my 24 day Advocare challenge.  I hope you all had a great Thursday, please try not to lose too much sleep tonight over this pinterest problem!!!


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