Thursday, August 22, 2013

24 Day Challenge Update (Day 7,8,9,10)

I am about to head to bed on Day TEN of the challenge which means.... the cleanse phase is over!  And tomorrow I go into the next phase!  These ten days actually went by really fast... Below are some thoughts from each day.

Day 7 wasn't too bad, I was able to stick to my eating correctly and got a workout in after work (I did some light cardio on the treadmill just to get warmed up and then did my usual - Body Pump).  Workout:  Body Pump.  My biggest achievement of the day, however, was my dinner choice.  When I was thinking about dinner, for some reason I was totally craving fast food - and BAD fast food.  Like a juicy burger with greasy fries from Whataburger.  I knew I had food waiting for me at home, so instead I had:  power greens, topped with turkey burger (I cooked it and kind of crumbled it over my salad) with hard boiled eggs and almonds, with a little bit of light strawberry vinaigrette salad.  And ya know what - it was delicious and way better than the fast food would have been.

Day 8.... Another day, another fiber drink.  These second round of fiber drinks, you're supposed to drink as breakfast, 30 minutes after taking the pro-biotic pills.... which has been a little harder since I have to make and chug it down at work.  Lately I have been STARVING by the time I leave work and then I'm in a huge rush to cook dinner the minute I get home.  Either that, or I'm starving while working out which is NEVER good.  I decided to try something new today.... around lunch time I had a meal replacement shake, and then ate "lunch" at like 2:00pm, and then had a little snack later in the day.  I was hoping that would allow me a little more time before I am crazy starving before getting home or working out.  Win of the Day:  I turned down cake at work today.... TWICE!!!!!  Yeah I was pretty proud of myself for that.  Days where I don't work out are HARD, eating wise, because I literally feel like I want to snack from the moment I get home, until bedtime.

Day 9 -  Win of the day:  we had a fish fry at work as a fundraiser, and let me tell you my coworkers can fry up some fish real good.  They also did "po boy" shrimp sandwiches (with fried shrimp of course).  The healthy option was boiled shrimp, which is what I went with.  All of the bread was freshly baked, which I am a huge sucker for.  What a hard decision to pass up, but I did not want to have a mega cheat with only 2 days to go.  Workout for the Day:  Body Pump!  I got new shoes and they have really been making a difference.

Day 10 -  There was something satisfying about grabbing my Day 10 baggie and knowing it was the last day.  I haven't had time to go to the grocery store (OK, I haven't MADE the time) so my food options are getting low.  I am still doing OK but will definitely need to go shopping today to stock back up on healthy foods for the next part of the challenge.  I am excited for tomorrow and seeing what the scale says!

I really can't wait to share my before/after stuff, I will probably post it this weekend.  For Day 11-24 of the challenge, I won't do daily updates unless something crazy or exciting happens.  I will do another update at the end of the 24 days.  Thanks for reading along with me during the first ten! :)

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