Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pinterest Problem... Solved

In my last post I talked about a "Pinterest Problem" - when a Pin takes you to no man's land and you get an image instead of the actual source for the item you pinned.  This recent pin of mine got 109 pins and 11 likes, and I couldn't find the source of the pin anywhere.

Now, typically when I pin these little Polyvore outfit ideas, I don't really pin them because I plan on going out and buying every exact piece (if so, I'd probably go broke).  I usually pin these if I see something similar in the outfit that I already have in my closet, that maybe I can style in a different way from what I normally where.  I really loved this look because it combined three of my favorite things:  pink, mint, and comfort.  I mean, doesn't this outfit look so comfy and wearable?  Check out My Style Pinterest Board for more of the stuff I have pinned!

So just for ya'll I have browsed for some similar looks:

Sweater:  Here.  Here.  Here,  Here and Here

Sad face: I could not find ANYTHING that was an exact match for that sweater.  I so wish I could, as I'm obsessed with it....  It just looks like it has the perfect amount of slouchiness and comfort.  I actually found lots of similar ones at a variety of different places, so hopefully if you are trying to recreate this look you'll be able to find one that makes you happy.

Tank-Top:  Two of my favorite places to get tank tops are Target and Kohl's.  At any given time they have a good selection.  I am actually a huge fan of layering and almost always wear a tank of some kind underneath my top.  I won't link to any because I feel like they are pretty easy to find, however I think the only trick here is making sure you get a tank that's long enough to pop out underneath your sweater to create this same look.

Scarf: Here (all mint)  Here Here (expensive version) Here (all pink)  Here

Watch: Here  Here

Soo... Anthropologie had the best mint watch ever, I bought it earlier this year.  I went on the website and it's no longer available!!! :(

Nail Polish: Essie, finally a brand that's easy to recognize.  I think this color looks similar to: Bachelorette Bash, also looks kinda like Bottle Service (although that's a more neon color) or maybe even Fiesta, which is described as more of a hot pink (but I have never seen in person).  Mint Candy Apple or Turquoise & Caicos are both fun colors too if you want to go with something mint instead.  Check out this link to see ALL of Essie's current colors!!

Clutch: Here, HereHere

Flats:  HereHereHere 

Jeans:  I think this style of jeans is pretty easy to find, these and these kind of remind me of the ones in the pictures!  Most people have a go-to brand or store where they buy jeans.  For me, I've had great luck recently with Miss Me jeans in terms of fit and quality.

I hope you all enjoyed, have a great evening!

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