Thursday, August 22, 2013

24 Day Challenge Update (Day 7,8,9,10)

I am about to head to bed on Day TEN of the challenge which means.... the cleanse phase is over!  And tomorrow I go into the next phase!  These ten days actually went by really fast... Below are some thoughts from each day.

Day 7 wasn't too bad, I was able to stick to my eating correctly and got a workout in after work (I did some light cardio on the treadmill just to get warmed up and then did my usual - Body Pump).  Workout:  Body Pump.  My biggest achievement of the day, however, was my dinner choice.  When I was thinking about dinner, for some reason I was totally craving fast food - and BAD fast food.  Like a juicy burger with greasy fries from Whataburger.  I knew I had food waiting for me at home, so instead I had:  power greens, topped with turkey burger (I cooked it and kind of crumbled it over my salad) with hard boiled eggs and almonds, with a little bit of light strawberry vinaigrette salad.  And ya know what - it was delicious and way better than the fast food would have been.

Day 8.... Another day, another fiber drink.  These second round of fiber drinks, you're supposed to drink as breakfast, 30 minutes after taking the pro-biotic pills.... which has been a little harder since I have to make and chug it down at work.  Lately I have been STARVING by the time I leave work and then I'm in a huge rush to cook dinner the minute I get home.  Either that, or I'm starving while working out which is NEVER good.  I decided to try something new today.... around lunch time I had a meal replacement shake, and then ate "lunch" at like 2:00pm, and then had a little snack later in the day.  I was hoping that would allow me a little more time before I am crazy starving before getting home or working out.  Win of the Day:  I turned down cake at work today.... TWICE!!!!!  Yeah I was pretty proud of myself for that.  Days where I don't work out are HARD, eating wise, because I literally feel like I want to snack from the moment I get home, until bedtime.

Day 9 -  Win of the day:  we had a fish fry at work as a fundraiser, and let me tell you my coworkers can fry up some fish real good.  They also did "po boy" shrimp sandwiches (with fried shrimp of course).  The healthy option was boiled shrimp, which is what I went with.  All of the bread was freshly baked, which I am a huge sucker for.  What a hard decision to pass up, but I did not want to have a mega cheat with only 2 days to go.  Workout for the Day:  Body Pump!  I got new shoes and they have really been making a difference.

Day 10 -  There was something satisfying about grabbing my Day 10 baggie and knowing it was the last day.  I haven't had time to go to the grocery store (OK, I haven't MADE the time) so my food options are getting low.  I am still doing OK but will definitely need to go shopping today to stock back up on healthy foods for the next part of the challenge.  I am excited for tomorrow and seeing what the scale says!

I really can't wait to share my before/after stuff, I will probably post it this weekend.  For Day 11-24 of the challenge, I won't do daily updates unless something crazy or exciting happens.  I will do another update at the end of the 24 days.  Thanks for reading along with me during the first ten! :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

24 Day Challenge Update (Day 2,3,4,5,6)

Hey ya'll - so I am finishing up on day 6 of the 24 day challenge.  I guess you could say there have been some ups and downs, but it's been going really well so far!  I am pretty happy that Thursday will be the last day of the cleanse phase, mostly just because I am excited to get to the next part of the challenge!  I hear that's when you really start to feel better and have more energy, and that's honestly the whole reason I did the challenge to begin with.

Here's some random thoughts...

1.  Planning is SUPER important for the challenge.  I thought I had planned really well but hit some snags and it ended up causing me to make some quick decisions (food wise) that probably were not ideal for the plan.

2.  My advice: don't make yourself feel too bad for any setbacks you might have.  This past week, I completely spaced that I planned on having a sushi dinner date with a friend.  I did NOT want to bail, as this friend is hardly ever in town so this was one of the few chances I would have to see him.  Instead of freaking out, I just looked online before hand for the best options so I could make wise choices.  I also passed up alcohol at the meal which was SUPER. HARD.  I'm really not an alcoholic, I promise, I just like to have a glass of wine with my sushi... :)

3.  The weekends are probably the WORST time to follow the challenge and the food plan (for me, anyways).  It's pretty easy for me to follow a structure during the week but, this weekend was hard.

4.  I could probably easily cut soda out of my diet completely and be OK with that.  Coffee on the other hand... I am seriously missing it.  There's just something about a warm cup of coffee on the way out the door that just does not compare to Spark.... Just saying!!!  (This coming from the girl who has been drinking coffee since the age of 5 and I'm not even kidding.  Those who say coffee stunts your growth - wrong.  I'm 5'8" and one of the tallest girls out of my group of friends!)  Perhaps they could invent a coffee flavored Spark?  I think I just came up with a pretty genius idea there.  Advocare, are you listening?!?

5. I broke down and got a new pair of running/workout shoes this weekend.  I am pretty excited to test them out tomorrow and see how they are.   Is it just me, or is it completely fun to workout when you have a nice new pair of shoes??!  Speaking of which, I feel like I did pretty good with working out this week.  Tuesday & Friday - I ran on the treadmill.  Wednesday - body pump!!  Next week, I'll probably do Monday & Wednesday - Body Pump.  I really want to squeeze in a Body Combat class (probably Wednesday) and I need to run on the treadmill at least three days, as the 10k is only getting closer and closer.

I hope you all had a great weekend, I will post again after the 10 day cleanse is over to let you all know how it's going!

Pinterest Problem... Solved

In my last post I talked about a "Pinterest Problem" - when a Pin takes you to no man's land and you get an image instead of the actual source for the item you pinned.  This recent pin of mine got 109 pins and 11 likes, and I couldn't find the source of the pin anywhere.

Now, typically when I pin these little Polyvore outfit ideas, I don't really pin them because I plan on going out and buying every exact piece (if so, I'd probably go broke).  I usually pin these if I see something similar in the outfit that I already have in my closet, that maybe I can style in a different way from what I normally where.  I really loved this look because it combined three of my favorite things:  pink, mint, and comfort.  I mean, doesn't this outfit look so comfy and wearable?  Check out My Style Pinterest Board for more of the stuff I have pinned!

So just for ya'll I have browsed for some similar looks:

Sweater:  Here.  Here.  Here,  Here and Here

Sad face: I could not find ANYTHING that was an exact match for that sweater.  I so wish I could, as I'm obsessed with it....  It just looks like it has the perfect amount of slouchiness and comfort.  I actually found lots of similar ones at a variety of different places, so hopefully if you are trying to recreate this look you'll be able to find one that makes you happy.

Tank-Top:  Two of my favorite places to get tank tops are Target and Kohl's.  At any given time they have a good selection.  I am actually a huge fan of layering and almost always wear a tank of some kind underneath my top.  I won't link to any because I feel like they are pretty easy to find, however I think the only trick here is making sure you get a tank that's long enough to pop out underneath your sweater to create this same look.

Scarf: Here (all mint)  Here Here (expensive version) Here (all pink)  Here

Watch: Here  Here

Soo... Anthropologie had the best mint watch ever, I bought it earlier this year.  I went on the website and it's no longer available!!! :(

Nail Polish: Essie, finally a brand that's easy to recognize.  I think this color looks similar to: Bachelorette Bash, also looks kinda like Bottle Service (although that's a more neon color) or maybe even Fiesta, which is described as more of a hot pink (but I have never seen in person).  Mint Candy Apple or Turquoise & Caicos are both fun colors too if you want to go with something mint instead.  Check out this link to see ALL of Essie's current colors!!

Clutch: Here, HereHere

Flats:  HereHereHere 

Jeans:  I think this style of jeans is pretty easy to find, these and these kind of remind me of the ones in the pictures!  Most people have a go-to brand or store where they buy jeans.  For me, I've had great luck recently with Miss Me jeans in terms of fit and quality.

I hope you all enjoyed, have a great evening!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pinterest Problems 1.0

I think it's safe to say that 80% 99.999% of the ladies I know are obsessed with Pinterest.  And as I am thinking about what I'd like to write about on this blog and narrow it down to a few consistent topics, you just know that Pinterest is going to be one of them!

So today I bring you... A "Pinterest Problem" I have been annoyed with lately.  I figure I'll write about Pinterest things that I have tried and completely failed.... aka "Pinterest Problems" and give you some positive things as well.... I mean, we can't be complaining all the time, right?  So what will that be... Positive Pinning?  Perfect Pinning?  Pinterest Pleasures?  Pretty Pretty Princess Pins?  Eh, I guess the name is TBD on that for now.

One of my biggest pet peeves with Pinterest is when a pin takes you nowhere.  Whether it's a recipe or a cute shirt or whatever, and the "link" just leads you to the image and not the actual source.  I'm mainly a repinner and rarely pin my own original things, so I'm not quite sure how this happens.  BUT.  It's quite frustrating.  It also makes me sad for whoever the original source was, that they aren't getting credit for their items/idea/fabulous outfit that they spent hours creating on polyvore.

#FirstWorldProblems, I know.... (yes, I just hashtagged in my blog).

So all of that ranting leads me to this here pin....  I swear, I tried really hard to imbed the pin, but apparently that's changed since the last time I did it.  I will have to figure that out for future reference.

Well, here's an image of the pin:

Adorable, yes?  You can always tell when one of your pins ends up going Pinterest viral because within two minutes you get an e-mail saying that 32 people have repinned it.  This pin has been, by far, my most repinned pin!  It got 109 repins and 11 likes within a matter of an hour or so.  For some people that's all in a days pinning, but it made little ole me feel pretty pinterest popular!!!!  Shameless plug:  Pinterest Follow Me using this link because I can't figure out how to add the follow me button either??

And here is the REAL pinterest problem.  The link doesn't lead to sources for all those amazingly cute items that obviously 120 people liked enough to repin.  It just leads back to an image.  I will tell ya'll I have (seriously) invested a good two hours over the past two weeks since I pinned this trying to find similar items.  I may or may not have even tried to link the pin back to the original pinner... well that was pretty much a joke too. I even did a google image search of the thing.  Nothing.  Worked.

So tomorrow I will bring you another blog post and share the links of some similar items I did find.  I will also do an update this weekend on my 24 day Advocare challenge.  I hope you all had a great Thursday, please try not to lose too much sleep tonight over this pinterest problem!!!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

24 Day Challenge - Day 1

Hey ya'll, about to head to bed on Day 1 of the challenge.  Here is an update for you!

Day 1 Challenge Update: 1 was actually not bad.  I woke up excited to start the challenge and even semi-excited to go back to work after five days off.  I started the day with the Fiber Drink, which was the only thing I was super worried about.  I've heard the taste was the worst part... and honestly I was a little worried about the extra fiber (ummm... if ya know what I mean.  If not, please google).

Turns out I was worried for nothing.  The Fiber Drink was really not that bad.  I read online while doing research that adding some Spark would help the flavor.  I did that (only about half a scoop though, the one that comes with the canister) plus randomly added in about five pieces of frozen fruit and blended it all together for a smoothie like drink.  It wasn't GREAT by any means but it certainly wasn't horrible either.  I drank it while I was getting ready and tried not to think about it that much, and I really think that helped a lot too.  Tomorrow I might try it without the fruit, I think it'll be easier if I just chug it in liquid form.

Otherwise I just followed the schedule and it was easy breezy!

Food for the Day:

Breakfast - I was pretty full from my fiber smoothie (ha!), I had an apple and a Spark in the early AM.
Lunch - a premade salad from the salad/produce section (It had cheese, chicken AND dressing and it was only 230 calories.  Win.) & some greek yogurt
Afternoon Snack - raw baby carrots and a hard boiled egg
Pre-Dinner Snack - rice cake (which was basically just to hold me over because I was STARVING when I got home from working out and wanted something quick while I made dinner)
Dinner - Herb Crusted Salmon and a Salad with Blue Cheese crumbles and almonds, a little bit of strawberry vinegarette dressing
After Dinner Dessert - cut up bananas with cinnamon and honey drizzled on them (YUMMY)
Water - I did really good with water today I think I had about 9 or 10 glasses (8 oz each) (that's REALLY good for me)
No Soda, No Coffee, and No Alcohol  :)

I am probably not going to share my food every day because I imagine that'll probably get boring real quick.  If I try anything new or amazing I will definitely share.  I am kaagy2006 on My Fitness Pal if you'd like to follow along there!

Workout for the Day - ran on the treadmill for an hour after work.  Well, it was more of a walk/jog/run combo because the bottom arch of my foot (is that called something?) starting hurting about halfway through.  I really think I need new tennis shoes, the ones I have are getting kinda ratty.  Either way I went 3.69 miles according to the treadmill distance thingy and burned 535 calories.

I didn't really take any pictures today challenge wise so here's a picture of my kitty for your enjoyment, who decided she needed to help me tonight while I was writing my blog post.  She also decided to be super helpful and help me sweep up around the house!

((For more cat pics and other shenanigans follow my instagram @kaagy06))

24 Day Challenge - Day 0 (Monday)

In my last blog post, I talked about starting the Advocare 24-day challenge....

I hope you will follow along as I blog through these 24 days!

Day "0" - Prep Day.  Normally when I'm starting something new I like to start on a Monday...  However, this past Monday I was off work and decided to use this as prep day, and start the challenge on Tuesday.  Looking at all the stuff you need for the challenge can be a little overwhelming.  However, it comes with a challenge guide that tells you step by step what you need for each day.

I decided to use a plastic baggie method I read about online.  Basically I put what I'll need for each day in a "sandwich size" baggie and labeled it by day.  That way, even if I'm in a rush to get out of the house in the AM (which let's face it, is always) then I can easily grab the bag for the day without having to worry.  I highly recommend doing this, as I can already tell it's going to make it a whole lot easier!  It took me about 30 to 45 minutes to get everything organized but now it's ready to go for the next 24 days.  Bring.  It.  On.

Here are my baggies.... all ready to go.... yay for organization!

I also went grocery shopping and got all my food ready, at least until this weekend when I'll go shopping again.  I pretty much went to Pinterest (GO FIGURE) and got all kinds of great ideas for meals.  I suggest doing this and finding some ideas for meals/snacks that you'll like, as everyone is different!  I'm actually kind of excited about cooking this week for the first time in a while.  Living alone can be SO hard sometime when trying to meal plan for one!!!

I should point out here that I am really not planning on follow the suggested meal plan exactly.  I will be honest, I am not really doing this challenge to lose weight, but rather to focus more on losing inches around my belly area and just toning up overall, as well as to have more energy overall.  So I am just going to focus on eating healthy, eat "clean" as much as I can, and completely eliminate fast food, sodas and alcohol during the challenge.  I am also planning on using the My Fitness Pal app to track calories that I eat and burn.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my prep day.  I only took one "measurement" and that's on the one area I'd like to focus on during the challenge.  I also did a "weigh in" and took some before pictures.  I'll post/share those later!

And... not gonna lie to ya'll.  I decided to splurge a little on Day 0 and indulged in some Chic-fil-A (my fast food WEAKNESS) as well as one last Starbucks drink.  Had to get that one little cheat in before going into serious mode.

I completed the first day of the challenge today and will probably do a combined blog post to discuss the first few days.

Until next time!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Soo... I just returned from vacation where I enjoyed four days of beach & fishing fun, with non-stop eating in between (think fried seafood, greasy mexican food, too many beers and margaritas to count).  Not to mention, we are coming up on the end of summer and the last few weekends have been filled with lots of fun activities (and also plenty of completely unhealthy meal options and boozing).  

I am really not used to eating fried foods (or just that much food in general) as I live alone so I usually eat small, simple meals, and I don't really eat out all that much unless it's a special occasion or I'm eating out with a friend.  Needless to say - today, as my summer fun activities are officially over.... I am feeling like I need a serious DETOX.

A while back I had purchased the Advocare 24-Day challenge kit, but never started it because around the same time, I was on and off again sick and on some serious antibiotics.  I decided I didn't want to start the challenge in the middle of my antibiotics, and once I was done with that, it was smack dab in the middle of my summer fun!  So it didn't make much sense to start in the middle of all that.

So tomorrow is the day I will start the 24 day challenge and I will try to do updates on the blog.  **I am NOT an advocare distributor, nor do I plan on becoming one.  I have a friend that is and I purchased the products through her.  Just thought I'd throw that out there for everyone as an FYI.  If anyone is looking for someone to purchase the products, just comment and I'd be happy to get you the information.

I am also planning on stepping up my workout routine during the challenge as well, so I can get the maximum results.  I have been doing really good since February on sticking with the routine I have (body pump twice a week with a least two cardio sessions - either body combat or running on the treaadmill).... however I want to add an extra workout day in, as I'm currently training for a 10k that's on September 14th so I need to get more running in.

I was smart enough to take today off work for some post-vacation recovery time, so I am planning on doing all my measurements/weigh in, as well as doing some meal prep and planning to get ready for the challenge.  I will post that eventually, maybe at the end so I can show a before/after pic!